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CV Strategy – Keywords

You give the initial impression of your experience via your CV. Your CV is a extremely essential sales document. Its objective is to get you an interview. In existing economic times you could be competing with hundreds, even thousands of other applicants. You have to grab the attention of your prospective employer.

When preparing your CV remember the following:

Targeting the Reader

Constantly take into account who the likely reader of your CV is going to be. When applying, send your job application to a named individual. It only takes 1 phone call to a company to uncover who is in charge of recruiting. It also gives you the opportunity to introduce yourself.

The words you use are essential. You should address men and women who “talk your language”. I recall watching a Television program about an interview. The interviewer did not understand a number of specialised words from the candidate’s CV and he was clearly annoyed. The candidate did not pass the interview.

Mirror the Job Description- Key phrases and Phrases Related to the Job

The greatest way to adapt your CV is to feed back particular phrases utilised in job advertisements and highlighting how you fit those needs.

When you do both, you are showing the recruiter that not only do you have the required key competencies from the Job Description in your CV, but also you back it up with your expertise.

Employers and recruiters are attempting to figure out a match between you, the job you are applying for, and the firm’s culture.

When screening your CV, the reader will not only be searching for proof of your capability to do the job, but also attempting to evaluate whether or not you are the sort of individual who will be compatible with the company’s function ethic and culture.

Your CV may not be read by human eyes. Some bigger employers and recruitment businesses will scan your CV into their recruitment systems. Their software program then identifies Key phrases in your CV and matches these with the wants of a role.

Do not just list the responsibilities-insist on how you achieved outcomes, for instance, by winning new consumers, controlling finances, generating price savings etc. Show how you produced a distinction by introducing new suggestions for example: I boosted sales by 20% vs. I Increased the sales.

Be distinct in your numbers, measure your achievements.

Produce both your CV and covering letter with a view to the business requirements i.e. mirroring the job description Keywords and Key phrases in both: your CV and Covering Letter.

Dealing with Recruitment Agencies- The Golden Rule

When you contact any recruitment agency make sure the agency operates in your field. It is really straightforward to check what the agency specialises in by checking their website.

The golden rule for you to remember is that the recruitment agencies or firms locate individuals for jobs, not jobs for individuals.

They obtain the job requirements from their customers and they match them with suitable candidates. As a result, when you apply for a particular job make sure your abilities and knowledge corresponds to the job advertisement. Often I receive CVs that have absolutely nothing to do with the job advertisement. They will most likely finish in a database and be only searchable if they include job related Key phrases.

Job Related Key phrases are crucial in your CV.

Try this exercise:

1. Take your already current CV
2. Take 2-3 job descriptions of the jobs you are applying for and underline critical Key phrases
3. Screen your CV and count how many Key phrases appear in your CV
4. Ask your self: is there only one or no Key phrases that are going to attract the employer or the agent to give me a call and talk about the job?

Hopefully you can find some time to check Job Related Key phrases on your CV. Next time we’ll discuss achievements. Till then, Good Luck!!

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